Intelligent Parking System, also known as smart parking applications based on information technology and auto electronics. Noting the information on the vehicle, Making controlled car into a quickly, reduce labor precision in the management of parking. Parking in the traditional way ticket items for each car is only suitable for small parking system for parking with medium and large scale are prone to traffic jams. Smart parking is parking using intelligent recognition software combined with modern high technology in the control system makes quick work. What kind of parking facilities can intelligently manage parking cars Keep Holding factory bike, bicycle storage . Other smart parking traditional parking place? Using smart parking lot safer even when switched plates or stolen cards still can not take the car out for systems management software smart parking remains of customer information as shown Visitor photos, license plates, car model, so the loss of the car will be limited to the extent of 0. The main functions of management software intelligent parking control facilities to control the many lanes to ease off. Manage vehicle identification or fingerprint card from (usually card from). Vehicle number plate recognition system automatically Surveillance camera with parking. Integrated storage management functions to the vehicle issued to when the problem to look back. For the monthly subscription tickets will be warned through loudspeakers deadline running out cards to the users extension Barrie Close open bar automatically manages vehicle visitors monthly ticket or management of yard sales statistics parking by date, may, by type of vehicle, by type of ticket, decentralized functions for employees in operational functions Show function integrated freight view reports remotely statistics, see the staff working there are serious or not. Preserving the history of edits to avoid fraud happens with the ability to customize according to individual professional parking system automatically. The company specializes in providing parking installation and software upgrades smart parking, help job easier parking. With the cheaper parking but tckparking safety and security not only lower but improving.
Today the job of keeping the motorcycle parking lot was slowly being replaced by intelligent machines parking, RFID chip card technology, thẻ cảm ứng, tags from being integrated into the parking system brings many practical benefits in life.
The company is TCK.VN company specializing in intelligent parking system, providing solutions for the card from the card, RFID sensors with the parking management software work TCKPARKING help keep the motorcycle and car park management increasingly modern automobile civilization. To meet the demand for safe parking, keep current savings vehicles we have many machines parking package gives customers more choices as: máy giữ xe giá rẻ, automated parking machines, Parking roving machine, mini parking machines, Parking system for supermarkets and school buildings.
If customers wish to install parking machines cheapest possible please contact us for advice and support as a form of payment installments parking machines, rental parking machines .... In addition, customers need to print RFID tags from mifire touch with its commitment to best print quality free design chip cards. Parking system intelligent machines supplied and installed by our company gives customers peace of mind about the quality, with warranty and after sales maintenance.