dịch vụ cho thuê lắp đặt máy giữ xe giá rẻ

Máy Giữ Xe Giá Rẻ – Hệ Thống Máy Giữ Xe Bằng Thẻ RFID

Máy giữ xe giá rẻ now due to supply and installation TCK.VN have product lines intelligent machine mini parking, Parking roving machine, Smart parking machines installed outdoors, parking card swipe machine card from the small parking lot motorcycle designed Waterproof placed in the oven, protection devices against theft parking.

Phần mềm quản lý máy giữ xe TCKPARKING giúp người quản lý thống kê chặt chẻ doanh thu, management of all types of vehicles. Manage forms surcharge, apply flexible pricing parking. Hơn nữa điều quan trọng khi trang bị lắp đặt máy giữ xe giá rẻ or customers rent parking Scanning speed automatic number plate capture card to be fast. Number plate capture camera images and faces have clear and crisp quality. Besides the parking management software also has the option TCKPARKING options such as automatic number plate recognition accuracy on 90% full number plate recognition all over plates of motorcycle and automobile and completely automatically.


– Công ty TCK chuyên lĩnh vực lắp đặt máy giữ xe giá rẻ, Rental smart parking, Provide parking card swipe machine and printing tags from touch, The system automatically allocates card, Execution System smart parking. Write management outsourcing parking,Number plate recognition software automatically for motorcycle and automobile, Machine-level automated parking cards.


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